Are blueberries one? What is it about egg whites? Wait, peppers? What kind of diet do you have me on? Let’s get started.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Bell Peppers – 00:30
2. Cabbage – :01:35
3. Chicken – 02:26
4. Strawberries – 03:10
5. Olive Oil – :03:37
6. Bulgur – 04:18
7. Egg Whites – 04:51
8. Fish – 05:34
9. Onions – 06:15
10. Garlic – 06:50
11. Pineapple – 07:12


1. Bell Peppers
No, I’m not talking about the spicy kind. Did you really think I was going to recommend eating a ghost pepper to help you with your kidney disease? Not a chance. Bell peppers on the other hand can do a lot to help fight this. I mean, just check out the nutrients they hold.

2. Cabbage
I get it, probably not the first choice on your grocery list. But on a list of kidney strengthening foods, cabbage should always be one of the top picks.

3. Chicken
When you’re suffering from kidney disease, your body can only take in so much protein. A high protein diet will only worsen your kidney damage. With skinless chicken, you’re getting just the right amount. Half of a skinless chicken breast carries less than 30 grams of protein.

4. Strawberries
Now this is a choice that probably doesn’t go well with chicken. But you should try it anyway. If you’re suffering from kidney disease, strawberries will help you with some much-needed nutrients.

5. Olive Oil
No I’m not asking you to put this on your strawberries. Olive oil is something that goes well with cooking recipes. It’s also a really healthy choice for people with bad kidneys.

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