The Amazing SuperFoods of India that You Must Eat Everyday. Indian local superfoods that you should make a part of your diet. 5 Superfoods of India. Indian local superfoods.

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A food becomes super when it has plethora of benefits, versatile uses and suits almost all body types. No, I am not talking about some rare exotic foods but our very own local produce which is easily accessible to us. Besides weight loss, these foods will provide you glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong immunity naturally. I will share with you when and how you should consume them so that you can derive maximum out of these superfoods. I make it a point to include them in my diet and I firmly believe you should too. #1 food is my personal favourite and I don’t pass a day without consuming it.

01:02 – #5 Superfood of India. This is one food which I most of us miss out on. The west now seems to be mesmerised with the wide array of micronutrients it offers.
02:13 – #4 Superfood of India. This surely would be at your home but still you will be amazed to see the variety of ways it can be used and the myriad benefits it has. Ayurvedic scriptures talk highly about this superfood.
03:34 – #3 Superfood of India. This food is a apt example of the saying that big things come in small sizes. Let’s talk about some of the lesser known uses and benefits of this superfood.
05:00 – #2 Superfood of India. While it has been proclaimed as one of the more recent superfoods by the weight loss industry, it has been a part of Indian culture.
06:12 – Dishonourable Mentions. This section include foods which are not super but marketing makes us believe so.
06:36 – #1 Superfood of India. It is my all time favourite. And why not? Not only it has a taste which can beat most desserts in the market but also offers variety of uses and health benefits.

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