The Amazing SuperFoods of India You Must Eat Everyday.
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A food becomes super when it has plethora of benefits, versatile uses and suits almost all body types. No, I am not talking about some rare exotic foods but our very own local produce which is easily accessible to us. Besides weight loss, these foods will provide you glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong immunity naturally. I will share with you when and how you should consume them so that you can derive maximum out of these superfoods. I make it a point to include them in my diet and I firmly believe you should too. #1 food is my personal favourite and I don’t pass a day without consuming it..

01:07 – #5 Superfood of India. This food is available almost all the time. It is highly versatile and most nutritious.
02:40 – #4 Superfood of India. Many people look down upon it but it is and has always been considered divine in Indian culture for its plethora of benefits.
03:55 – #3 Superfood of India. This food was always a part of Indian diet in various forms. It has anti ageing properties.
05:08 – #2 Superfood of India. Most people eat this food in a wrong way. If eaten correctly, it is amazing.
06:16 – Dishonourable Mentions. This section include foods which are not super but marketing makes us believe so.
06:42 – #1 Superfood of India. It is my all time favourite. It is always a part of my diet.

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Peanuts –


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I wish you good health.
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