www.nohasark.com.au ~ Where StarBeing and GardenBeing Unite

OneSong Gardens, A living breathing Permaculture Food Forest in Co-Creation, regenerating the outmoded, healing the Earth as we heal ourselves. If your interested in Permaculture, Natural Gardening, Growing your own, being self responsible and living off the grid, and you want to learn more, we offer WWOOFing, Internships, short courses and healing weekends. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Chia ~ Growing, Harvesting and Saving Seed. An experiment in expanding store bought Chia proves the value of saving seed you buy to expand exponentially your Chia Seed Sovereignty.

Seed Sovereignty is pivotal to our Freedoms and Cultural traditions, our health and well-being. Being dependent on Commercial/Corporate supermarkets for food is extremely unhealthy, costly and soon you may not have the option.

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