One of the most powerful and effective ways to heal and detoxify the body is through the intake and use of haritaki in your life! Haritaki is an ancient Ayurvedic cure/prevention for an unbelievable amount of diseases.

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Yogis have used Haritaki for thousands of years to increase the intake of oxygen to the blood by 300%! It transforms the digestive system and stomach in just days. Haritaki should be taken at least an hour after your last meal, before going to sleep (half a teaspoon to start). It is infamous for its bitterness, but follows with a sweet aftertaste.

Haritaki can also be used as a facial scrub or mask, and to wash the whole body and purify from any external or internal toxins. I’ve personally seen the effects of this technique in clearing out so much heaviness that was collected in my body from alcohol and drugs.

Finally, THE TOP SECRET yogic technique with haritaki: use 2 fingers to scrub the teeth and gums with it…this is a science to manifest WEALTH and abundance in your life!!!

I guarantee you, within weeks you will feel the difference inside your body. You will feel so light and your skin will start to glow! Your bank account will also see results 🙂



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