I’m sharing with you how I grow broccoli sprouts and broccoli microgreens using the hydroponic method. Broccoli microgreens are highly nutritious and considered by many as “superfood”. They can be grown easily indoors with just simple things most of us already have in our kitchens.

Broccoli seeds – 4 tsp per tray (11 g)
Fertilizer (optional) I used Green Light Root Stimulator. Any liquid fertilizer will work.
Container: 2 trays; one with holes and one without
One spray bottle
Harvest time: Sprouts – between 4 to 5 days, microgreens: between 9 to 12 days
Music: Youtube audio library – Dream of the Ancestor

Ingredients and equipment:
Broccoli seeds:

Tray/Seed sprouter:

Canon VIXIA HF R700 Full HD Camcorder

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