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Hello everyone!

This video is about the top 5 pregnancy superfoods that you need during your pregnancy.

These pregnancy superfoods are super nutritious and are family heritage recipes that ensured me a healthy pregnancy. The 5 superfoods are for every Indian woman who is expecting and will help you have a healthy baby. These recipes were recommended to me by my family and my doctor and I can confidently recommend these pregnancy superfoods to you as well.

PS: I recommend you to consult your family and doctor before you consume these superfoods to make sure they suit your body.

The points that I spoke about, along with the product links that I mentioned in the video are as below.

#1 Kesar, 00:57
Rujuta Diwekar’s Pregnancy notes:

#2 Coconut, 01:36

#3 Malai/White butter, 02:21

#4 Shatavar, 03:28, Link:

#5 Somghrit, 04:42, Link:

I hope you find these 5 pregnancy superfoods helpful! Do let me know in the comment section below.

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