A lot of us wait for winters to arrive as it brings relief from heat and humidity. But you need to be extra careful with your body and with daily dietary habits. You must include seasonal foods so that the body’s immunity remains strong. There are many such foods that can help you but have you ever tried jaggery or gur in combination with other common ingredients. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared an informative post on Instagram. She said,” On its own, jaggery can do many things. It works as a digestive, improves fertility, bone density etc. But when mixed with others, it helps to improve the efficacy of the other product.”

Here are ways you can pair jaggery with other kitchen ingredients to lessen winter health issues.

 1. With ghee – It gives relief from constipation

2. With dhania or coriander seeds – It eases bleeding, reduces period pain. It is also  useful when you are only spotting and want periods to start

3. With fennel seeds – It removes bad breath and reduces plaque formation

4. With methi or fenugreek seeds – It gives stronger, lustrous hair and prevents greying

5. With gond – It improves bone density and works as a lactation agent in nursing mothers. 

6. With til or sesame seeds – It reduces chances of cold, cough and flu

7. With peanuts – It improves strength, regulates appetite and reduces cravings

8. With haldi or turmeric – It boosts immunity

So which combination would you like to try?

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